Who We Are & What We Do


  • Gary A. Meier is a financial services professional providing values-based, financial planning advice and services.  He has been affiliated with various firms in the Northwest since 1980.
  • Mr. Meier is a Financial Planner, offering advisory services through Boz & Company LLC, an investment adviser firm (RIA) registered in the states of Oregon and Washington. 
  • Multi-Disciplined Firm, promoting teamwork for the benefit of our clients.
  • As a trusted adviser, we work for your success!


Gary A. Meier is a Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).  Mr. Meier as sole proprietor has historically conducted business professionally as Meier Financial (DBA, doing business as Meier Financial), a trade name registered in Washington State.  Additionally, in 2015, Gary Meier entered into an affiliation as an investment advisor representative with Boz & Company LLC, a registered investment advisor firm, with Todd C. Meier being the managing principal.  Along with a seasoned staff that has served more than 30 years in the financial services industry, we are well-qualified to meet the varied needs and goals of our clients.  We provide comprehensive, holistic, fee-based planning and advisory services in the areas of retirement planning, investment management with tax sensitivity, business consulting, estate planning, risk management, asset and income protection that benefit from experience in the areas of life, disability, and long-term care insurance, education funding, and career development.  We believe that tax-reduction and tax-sensitive strategies are an important part of planning.


Serving as your trusted adviser and “financial quarterback", we believe that we do our best work in a team environment, working with you, your accountant, attorney, trustee, and other professionals as appropriate.  Plan recommendations may be implemented through our firm and with other professionals.


        Our Unique Nature

  •   Focus on your Core Values, Beliefs and Objectives.
  •  Team Approach brings together internal and external specialists.
  •  Ability to Work and Refer Nationally.
  •  Wealth Planning Discovery Process.
  •  Experience with Charitable Organizations and Strategies.
  •  Ability to Visually Portray financial strategies and tax implications.


                                                                               Our Focus


 Integration of Family Values, Beliefs, and Financial Strategies

Family Wealth and Business Planning

Retirement Income and Freedom

Investment Management with Tax-Sensitivity

Benefit Planning for Business Owners & Employees

Charitable Giving Strategies

Career Development


Our Clients Typically Seek


  • A retirement lifestyle of financial independence.
  • Protection of an accustomed lifestyle for your surviving spouse.
  • Assurance that every nickel that you want to go to your children will in fact go to them.
  • Reduction or elimination of possible income tax, capital gain tax, and estate tax.

           Once these four goals have been met, you often seek to:

  • Create a family legacy that will make a difference in the lives of others and the community, your church, a ministry, school, or favorite charity.  This legacy memorializes your family name and sets an example for your heirs and others to follow.  This legacy may be created through a beneficiary designation, a charitable trust, a donor advised fund, or a family foundation.  You realize that there are two forms of wealth, Social Wealth and Personal Wealth, and that through Strategic Planning you can make a significant difference in the lives of others, while protecting an estate for your heirs.


Specialized Areas of Planning



  • Investment Planning:  To establish investment goals, asset allocation, diversification, and tax efficiency, while seeking to minimize risk.
  • Education Planning:  Seeking to establish adequate college funds for children and grandchildren.
  • Retirement Planning:  Seeking to project and visualize future income, expenses, and taxes; seeking to create an income that will last a lifetime.
  • Investment Management:  The use of a diversified, core investment allocation, with passive and active management, low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds, combined with individual stocks and tax-efficient management to potentially meet your income goals, improve investment returns and lower risk.



  • Distribution Planning:  Strategies to provide growth, income, and growth of income during retirement, to support an income which seeks to last a lifetime, as well as to fund special interests, travel, and family or charitable gifts.  Tax-sensitive investment management, and charitable-gift and trust strategies may be used to enhance income and asset distribution.



  • Asset Protection:  Positioning and insuring assets against the ravages of long-term care expenses, premature death, critical illness, accidental injury, and developmental disabilities.  Our consultation may involve providing assistance in the qualification for social programs, tailoring investments to avoid asset depletion, needs analysis for life, disability, critical illness, and long-term care insurance, and coordinating strategies with legal counsel experienced in the areas of Elder Law, Family Trusts, and Special Needs Trusts.


Wealth Planning: Estate Optimization and

Charitable Gift Planning

  • Legacy Planning:  To identify and preserve your Core Family Values and Beliefs, and to Integrate them with your Financial Strategies.  Development of a Family Vision Statement is encouraged, to focus your intentions, goals, and support for family and charitable causes.  You may wish to establish a Family Foundation, Advised Fund, or Charitable Trust.  One of our goals would be to assist you in visualizing the effects of  your planning, whether it is income, estate, tax, legal, or charitable gift planning.  We wish to make the complex simple.


We Appreciate Your Friendship


We Value Our Relationship


Serving professionals with distinction since 1980