Meier Financial Newsletter

I will post financial and investment commentary to this page periodically.

You and all of our clients are in my thoughts and prayers and I ask that you keep us in yours as well.  God richly bless you and your family according to His plan.  I pray that God will draw many in our nation closer to Him, that we will seek Him and ask for forgiveness, and that He will raise up God-fearing leaders throughout our country.  When we seek Him and ask for forgiveness, He has promised to heal our land.

God provides Grace to help in the time of need, Grace to help us at the proper time, just when and where we need it, just in the nick of time.  God knows how to get our attention...often when we are most in need and most receptive.  This helps us, and gives Him pleasure and glory when we have faith, and recognize, thank, and honor Him.  - 100 Bible Verses everyone should know by heart, page 79, Robert Morgan.

It is one thing to believe there is a God, another thing to believe in God, and yet another thing to trust in God with all your heart.  The way to know God is by knowing His Son, Jesus, who was sent to earth by His Father (Christmas), lived among us for 33 years, and who continues to watch over us and intercede for us at all times.  According to the book of John in the Holy Bible, Jesus was the Creator, He died for us and is the Redeemer, and He was raised from death on the 3rd day (Easter), ascended back to Heaven and will return here to take all who believe in Him into eternal life at the appointed time.  Jesus' desire is that all of creation will know and trust in Him and be saved, to live with Him forever.

God said it, I believe it.