Core Values





Our Purpose:  To assist people in achieving financial independence and being good Stewards of their resources and abilities.


Our Vision:   Our clients will feel financially secure, so that they may spend more time:  With their family and in their community; making a difference in people's lives; doing what God has called them to do; and what they enjoy the most.


Our Mission:   We will promote the financial well-being of our clients; positive, loving relationships among our clients, their families and friends; and sound management of time, finances, and abilities.



Core Values



Tell the truth


Recognize that we do financial planning so that our clients may spend more time with their family and in their community, to do what they enjoy the most.


Provide timely service


Follow through on tasks to be completed


Be a good listener


Be thorough, yet simplify


Share love and compassion


Identify, share, and encourage core values and beliefs


Balance and diversify; manage risk


Be a good Steward


Encourage support to charitable causes


Recognize the trickle-down effect of financial planning and personal actions


We recognize that our best work is accomplished when God is at work through us.